How Much Does a TV Ad or Radio Commercial Cost?

Of all the questions an advertising agency could be asked, these may well be the most difficult. Why? Because they’re not easy to answer with so many variables at play. A TV commercial shot in studio is cheaper than one shot on location. An animated TV commercial is generally more expensive than one with no animation. A radio ad with one voice is cheaper than one requiring three voices. A radio commercial requiring the composition of a music track is more expensive than one using library music. Continue reading

Advertising In a Recession

 Yours is a small or medium-sized business and you’re finding things tough. The first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. The world’s been in recession for a number of years now and as much as we’d like it to be, South Africa is not immune and no island. Unfortunately what transpires in Washington and London has a large impact on what happens here, and the present climate is not exactly kind for businesses. Continue reading

In Marketing Never Alienate Your Brand

“Hi, it’s Darryl from Burchmores here…” and “Hi, I’m Lucy Hirsch”: two openings of radio commercials quite likely to irritate South African radio listeners – if they haven’t already. Now Darryl may be the nicest chap on the block but unfortunately his voice is not cut out for radio. (That’s my opinion, anyway). Continue reading

An Marketing Campaign That Looks Like Insurance..

…sounds like insurance, is insurance but raises questions about what’s important in the marketing of insurance. Santam’s TV advertising commercial featuring Sir Ben Kingsley (and look-alikes) is certainly memorable, watchable and very well produced, but I have doubts as to how effective it is proving in the marketplace.

Consider the copy in the newspaper ad: “Every day there are more and more policies out there. At a glance they all seem similar and make the same reassurances, but the reality is, it’s getting harder to tell the good from the not so great. That’s why it’s so important that you scrutinise your policy before buying insurance. And that you ask the right questions. Is it the insurance you think it is, or does it just resemble it? Santam. Insurance. Good and proper”. Continue reading

You’re An Advertising Agency, You Say? That’s Interesting.

You’re at one of those networking events where people go to socialise, and hopefully make some decent contacts. Someone sidles up to you and asks if she can give you her business card. Sure, you say, what is it that you do? Oh, I’m in advertising; an ad agency, she offers. An ad agency? Which one? I take a look at her card. Ad agency, my foot. She’s in promotional gifts, promoting caps, T-shirts, pens, calendars and diaries. Continue reading

Every second person is now into web design, and that’s the problem

Being an ad agency (albeit a very small one), I have cause to come across many local websites and whilst there are some pretty good ones out there and many that do the job, there are many which attempt mediocrity, but fail.It’s frustrating to come across websites like this, knowing how much a decent on-line presence can do for a company.

Splashed across the internet are websites which are badly designed, badly written or badly built. Many have spelling mistakes, links that don’t work or pages that takes ages to download.. Unfortunately, sites such as these do their owners more harm than good in that they convey that either they don’t care or simply that they fail to grasp the role that a website plays in terms of marketing. Continue reading

You’re a marketing company looking for a good ad agency. Here you go

Years back, there were less than fifty advertising agencies in South Africa. Today, there are literally hundreds – with many being small start-ups and work-from-home operations. With this proliferation of ad and marketing agencies, a marketing manager or managing director’s decision to appoint the right one has become a lot more difficult. So, how to go about it? Continue reading

Why Fridge Magnets Work in Advertising Your Brand

In the big picture, they’re small but can sure work wonders.

In recessionary times, demand for promotional items like fridge magnets normally goes out the window. This is perhaps understandable, as put next to TV advertising, print advertising, radio advertising and outdoor advertising, they’re not considered mainstream media. More likely, they’re lumped together with pens, calendars, diaries, mugs and T-shirts as “nice-to-haves” as opposed to “must-haves” ie promotional paraphernalia which are popular in good times, but not so popular in bad. Maybe this shouldn’t be the case. Continue reading

The Cost of TV Advertising

The cost of TV advertising, or should that be, the cost of not advertising on TV?

There used to be a day when only the large well-established brands would consider advertising on television in South Africa. Back then, there were only three or four TV stations and they pretty much charged what they liked. The result was that smaller brands couldn’t get a look in. Today, the situation is much-changed – with more stations, more channels, more variety and more flexibility. These days, you’re just as likely to see a TV commercial for a brand you’ve never heard of as you are a brand you grew up with, and which (thanks to television advertising) is today a household name. Continue reading