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In high traffic areas, billboards stand high and mighty.

In high traffic areas, billboards stand
high and mighty.

A great way to get your brand out there.

Billboard advertising (falling into the category of Outdoor advertising) has always been popular amongst marketers - and not just because of its size and overall visibility. The medium lends itself to creativity. The challenge with the medium though is to communicate a product benefit as succinctly as possible. The average motorist has only a few seconds to absorb a message whilst hurtling down the freeway, so a billboard with 200 words is just not going to work. The rule of thumb is to keep the message SIMPLE – and to purchase sites that strategically make sense. Billboards come in all shapes and sizes and costs vary - from around R20 000 per month to R70 000 per month, and upwards - depending on their location. To the flighting cost would be added the origination cost, and the cost to print the artwork. So not a cheap exercise, all told...

Whichever the outdoor advertising type, there will always be three costs:

  • The cost that an advertising agency will charge you to conceptualise the advertising message and supply artwork
  • The cost that the media owner will charge you to print the artwork
  • The cost that the media owner will charge you to flight your advertising (per month)

Billboards can be in the form of static billboards and digital billboards; the difference being that on a static board, only one advertising message can be shown at a time, whereas on a digital billboard, a number of ads could be shown one after the other. Digital billboards are becoming increasingly popular as they are generally cheaper to flight, the messaging can be changed quickly and the creative can be “walked” around an area. Upon request, I can - through the outdoor media specialist I work with - ascertain es currently available, provide production and rental costs, make bookings and see to the supply of the creative work.

In the meantime, here's some of my work in this area.

Harro Pallin

Vivex 6mx3m billboards 1-6


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