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Brochures are not as old-fashioned as they may appear. In fact, they play an important role.

Brochures, folders, newsletters, annual reports and flyers.

The importance of having brochures, folders, leaflets, annual reports and flyers carrying through the look of one's advertising cannot be underestimated. Whilst they form an integral function within the marketing mix, they often get relegated to the bottom of the heap by designers and ad agencies in favour of the more "glamorous" media types and as a result, get churned out as quickly as possible. Here, I give them the respect they deserve, and write and design them so that they work in the marketplace. It is an undeniable fact that a well-designed leaflet or brochure left on a potential customer's desk can bring him or her that much closer to picking up the phone or sending an email whilst a professional corporate folder can leave a lasting impression.

Here’s some of our more recent work.


 Eezifone A5 leaflet-01  Eezifone A5 leaflet-02
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