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Bioscope’s always been big, and always will be

Cinema advertising isn’t TV advertising. But it’s close.

Whereas television advertising is a mass advertising medium reaching millions, cinema advertising is more niched and its reach is limited. That said, it has a lot going for it, and I’ll often look at incorporating it into a media schedule where there is a product/target audience fit.

Cinema lends itself to:

  • Targeting
  • Flexibility
  • Intimacy


It’s also affordable and has less wastage as advertisers can better target their advertising. An advertiser with a limited advertising budget could decide which cinemas to advertise in, so if you have a plumbing business in Boksburg, you could advertise in cinemas in only the Boksburg area. Besides deciding on cinema location, the advertiser could also select a particular cinema release. As Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro will always make a splash about forthcoming “blockbusters”, you’ll have the time to plan your campaign. By booking your ad in the cinemas of your choice, and before a movie you know will be well attended, you’ll be in a good place.  Whilst a quality TV commercial could set you back R650 000 (and upwards), a cinema ad could be produced for a lot less. By exploring all the options, you could probably get a satisfactory cinema ad shot for around R200K – maybe even lower.

Advertising on the big screen ticks a number of boxes in my opinion – although it’s product-dependant ie a chocolate bar or new energy drink would lend itself to being advertised on cinema whereas a new brand of cement might not be. If your target market is children, parents of children, or people aged 34 or less, advertising in cinema is worthy of consideration. Especially when you consider that you have a captive audience that will be receptive to your message – and focused on your message. (Something that can’t be guaranteed with TV advertising).  Also in cinema advertising’s favour is that, as an advertiser, you could bolster your advertising on-screen by, for example, give-aways, leaflets or other promotional items in cinema foyers. (It’s difficult to do this with TV advertising). At the end of the day, cinema advertising and TV advertising are both excellent advertising mediums, with the former probably more suited to smaller companies with smaller advertising budgets looking for local penetration and television advertising more suited to companies with larger advertising budgets, looking for a national reach.






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