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The design process is an art. In some ways, it’s also a science

Good design requires a good brief. Always has, always will.

Any decent – and creative - ad agency must provide two things: strong conceptual thinking and good design. Which I like to think I do.

Graphic design is clearly a subjective area, but with me, I try to get into my client’s heads so that before we begin the design process, we understand what type of design is liked – and not liked. There is no right and wrong here, although bad design can be spotted a mile away and can easily do damage to the perception of a brand in terms of how it's seen by the buying public. Striking design attracts interest whereas poor design can be a put-off. The person standing in a shopping aisle choosing between different brands of chocolate biscuits will in all likelihood be swayed by two things: price and the look of the packaging. If the price of a preferred brand is considered to be fair and affordable, but the packaging is terrible, the purchase of that brand may hang in the balance and a better-looking brand of chocolate biscuit may be bought instead.

Design plays an important role in the buying decision, and as an agency, I'd provide input as to what we think would work at the point of purchase. Of course, graphic design is a process. It takes time to get right, and probably, a fair number of design options before we arrive at that "Eureka!" moment. Which is all well and good as I'd partner you all the way.

Packaging design is just one of the services we provide, however. Fact is, we can design anything. From logos to corporate identities to corporate identity manuals to brochures, leaflets, corporate profiles, posters and annual reports. Need an exhibition stand? Promotional literature? A pull-up banner? Signage? A website? No problem. I’m an email or call away.

In the meantime, click on the icons below to some of the design work we’ve produced in the past.

Good design can set you apart and get you noticed. If I and my designers can help you achieve this, great - I'd welcome the opportunity.