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Strong branding will always rope 'em in!

Strong branding will always
rope 'em in!


Over time, brands get tired and listless.

Logo design is an art. And a science. Perceptions are all-important and dictate how your target market(s) see your brand.

In the same way that one trades in a car for a better, newer model every few years, so there exists a need for the occasional revamping of one’s logo. This has everything to do with the need to stay relevant and about putting a fresh face out into the market. Perceptions are all-important and ultimately dictate how your target market(s) see your brand. Logo design is, by its nature, subjective. So whether you’re in need of a logo for a new company, product or service or are in the market for a simple logo refresh, there’s a need for as clear a brief as possible.

When briefing your agency, point out what you like, and don’t like, in a logo. Whilst some may love intricate designs, beautiful typography or the colour purple, you may prefer a design from the 1940’s.

In the meantime, here are a number of logos we’ve produced in the past.

TWOgether logomito-logo
Russina House
Party Packs and Pinatas
Storage Genie

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