My Hypercommunity website may be down, but Hyperfund is going nowhere but up…

In an effort to become fully compliant as a Hyperfund member, I have taken down my website so please don’t be alarmed if you try to visit the site only to see a “ SORRY!“ message. In its place, within the next week or two, will be a new site (a fully compliant website that will hopefully add to your understanding of Hyperfund, and the Hypercommunity, and answer any questions you may have: regardless of whether you’re already a member of Hyperfund, or, indeed, looking to join Hyperfund. I look forward to you visiting.

Aside from running South Africa’s smallest ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see – Gerard has been in the cryptocurrency space for a good 6 years and is an active and independent member of the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity. He is resident in Johannesburg South Africa and is contactable on whatsapp +27 83 444 9888 and the email addresses and
Anyone wanting information on the daily Hyperfund presentations or weekend training sessions or wanting a link to register on is welcome to contact him. As with all things crypto, it is hugely important to do a thorough due diligence before parting with one’s money and to be aware of any and all risks inherent.

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