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You can't just sit there. You have to be pro-active!

You can't just sit there, you need to be pro-active!

OK, so your website’s live. What now?

Taking a website live is just the first step in being successful online. The second is to market it online, and get people to your website.

This is where the likes of Google Adwords, remarketing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube take on great importance.

Today, playing in the digital arena is a non-negotiable. You HAVE to do it. Whilst some may understand the processes involved, many are frightened by them. And understandably so, as it’s a SCIENCE. Successful online marketing is best left to the professionals.

Advertising on Facebook or setting up a Google Adwords campaign. Anyone Can Do It, Right?

Absolutely. IF you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many people don’t. Setting up a Google Adwords account can be a time-consuming process as it involves setting up multiple accounts – of which a Google Plus account, Google Places account and Google Partners account are some. Detailed keyword research and competitor analyses then need to be conducted. Once done, and the Adwords campaign has been activated, the ads need to be managed to see which ads are working best.

By having a professional online marketer manage your Google Adwords campaign, your cost-per-click can be brought down. This, with the objective of getting you more clicks per your allotted ad budget – and the right type of clicks. By having your campaigns managed by people who know what they’re doing, your online advertising can be targeted at the right people, at the lowest cost.

This pertains to Facebook advertising too. With approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the 2nd-most visited website and all those eyeballs means a lot of exposure for your advertising, so long as it’s targeted. Fortunately, targeted advertising is catered for in that you could target a specific group of people based on their age, geographical whereabouts, personal interests and more. Facebook can even comb through user profiles to place your ads only on pages that mention a specific keyword. As an advertiser, you can choose between CPC and CPM pay structures (cost per click and cost per impression) allowing you to tailor your ad campaign any which way.

The bottom line is that Facebook advertising and advertising on Google needs to be approached professionally. If they are, it’s money in the bank. Get your cousin's cousin to handle your online marketing and it's probably money down the toilet.