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Market Research

Market research is often a marketer’s first port of call – especially if you’re launching a new product and have questions to which you need answers. Research, handled incisively, can yield useful information that can up your chances of success in the marketplace. I work with an experienced researcher who I’d be happy to brief should you ever be interested.

Call Tracking

One of the challenges facing marketers running multi-media advertising campaigns is to ascertain where the responses are coming from. Without Call Tracking, it’s often difficult to say. With Call Tracking, it’s easy as it allows you to assign unique telephone numbers to each of your marketing mediums and generates reports on the call volumes you receive per medium: thereby giving you insight into which advertising mediums are working for you. By utilising Call Tracking, advertisers are able to monitor their results, calculate their Return on Investment, allocate marketing budgets correctly, research ads to see which ones work best and make intelligent business decisions.

SMS Marketing

Glamorous it isn’t, but as an advertising medium, sms marketing (or bulk sms as it is often called) can be quite effective. If you consider that there are in excess of forty three million cellphone users in this country, and that nearly all these cellphone numbers are on leading sms-provider databases, you’re looking at a medium with enormous potential. And what’s important is that unless people have opted-out from receiving sms messages, you, as a marketer, are entitled to sms them. What’s more, bulk sms sends can now be demographically segmented so you can reach only those you’d like to. When you consider that a good 90% of sms messages received are opened and read, and that the average response rate is between 0.8% up to 14% (depending on the offer), you have an advertising medium worthy of consideration. Whilst companies with large marketing budgets will look at sms sends of up to a million per month, smaller companies can test the waters with an initial send of perhaps twenty thousand - so it’s by no means something out of reach to those with limited advertising budgets. Want to know more? I can put you in touch with an sms marketing company, whose rates are (or so I’m told) amongst the cheapest in the industry. 

Corporate Gifts

Whilst corporate gifting is not a focus of mine, the giving of corporate gifts clearly plays an important role in the marketing mix - and this is clear to me when I see how busy my wife is kept, running her two businesses and Whilst her offerings are different to the norm ie she makes up gift packs and hampers and comes up with ideas for staff or client giveways at company functions and the like, she is extraordinarly good at what she does and has a loyal client base, comprising law firms, banks, insurance companies, hotels and other companies who use her for a variety of requirements. If you're ever looking for gifting ideas, the sourcing of gifting products or the making up of hampers for staff or clients, you'd be in good hands with her. Her name is Kim and she can be reached on 082 683 5766 or