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It’s all about thinking big. No matter how small you are.

It’s all about thinking big. No matter how small you are.

I'm small. I'm a one man operation. They don't come any smaller than me.

Being the only one at the coalface requires that I get my hands dirty. I'm a hands-on operator, involved in all processes: the briefing, the strategising, the conceptualising, the copywriting, the art directing, the quoting, the media co-ordinating, the client servicing, the door-opening, the coffee-making, yes, even the invoicing. Truth be told, we're good. Even though I'd have to say so myself.

I may be small, but I'm big on different ways of doing things.

Today, there are many ways to approach a project and one needs to be creative in one's thinking. For advertising to work, it must be approached cleverly AND executed cleverly. More important, it needs to be so single-minded as to get its message across in seconds. I can help you. By producing work that is WELL KAVONICKED AND FINELY HONED.

With me being so small, am I able to handle large projects?

Short answer: yes, absolutely. Depending on the requirement, I can set up focus groups, organise for a marketing strategy and implement it with creative work that does the strategy justice. I can handle your project from conceptualisation to completion – from creating your advertising to having it placed in the media.

Big agencies charge an arm and a leg. I charge only an arm.

Positioning myself as This country's smallest ad agency, I'm often perceived to be This country's CHEAPEST ad agency. Cheap is nasty, and I don't do nasty. My rates however are more than competitive. (I'M ALSO OPEN TO BEING PAID IN BITCOIN). Compared to what the big agencies charge, I'm for free.

I can do anything. And everything.

Logo designs, CI manuals, newspaper or magazine ads, posters, catalogues, TV commercials, cinema ads, radio spots, websites, packaging, billboards, street pole posters, signage – you name it. By calling on my team, I can get things done. Expeditiously, and cost-effectively. View my blog or contact me.

Business Communications My Experience in the Communications Business Communications Media

THIRTY ONE YEARS in the business.
(I had hair when I started).

I've been in advertising a LONG time. Today, I'm an experienced all-rounder and have worked across most industries, most product categories and on a full spectrum of businesses.

  • Nutr-e-volution
  • Marin mountain bikes
  • Antiqua conference centre
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • Manitou
  • Elliott International
  • Brink Cohen Le Roux
  • Moss Morris
  • Webber Wentzel
  • Admiral Underwriting Group
  • Fedlife
  • Commercial Union Employee Benefits
  • Sun International
  • Zimbabwe Sun Hotels
  • Party Packs and Pinatas
  • Lake International Technologies
  • Financial Frontiers
  • AngloGold
  • WebForex
  • Marley Flooring
  • Germo Pulse Therapy
  • Agritech
  • Fuller's London Pride
  • Satrix
  • De Beers
  • Control Data
  • Nanoteq
  • TWB Attorneys
  • National Breweries
  • Imperial Fleet Services
  • Castrol
  • Boxmore Packaging
  • Safika BSS
  • Futureforesight Group
  • Totally Board
  • Desto
  • Manjoh Foods
  • Neutrapharm
  • Streetwise Media
  • Celebrities for Good Causes Foundation
  • National Breweries
  • Imperial Fleet Services
  • Castrol
  • Paul Maher Auto
  • GemDesigns
  • Kia Motors
  • CNA
  • One Call Insurance Brokers
  • YourInsurance Brokers
  • Lofts & Ladders
  • HFX Systems
  • Frog Productions
  • Gauteng Villas
  • A Green World
  • Houghton Harper
  • Compass Insurance
  • RAPS
  • OIC Group
  • Russian House
  • WillowGroupSA
  • Mohapi Group
  • Pegasus Elite Media
  • 2nd Life
  • CIA Building Insurance Specialists
  • Dynamite Caps
  • Synergy Worldwide Logistics
  • Cre8work
  • Smoothedge
  • CLM China
  • Specialised Applications
  • Storage Genie
  • Vape Shop
  • Cemair
  • Respitek
  • Mallies Spice Works
  • Viking Air Conditioning
  • Sol Trading
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Mocking Bull

Business Communications My Creative Work Communications Media

One thing you'll notice in my work is that, in most cases, it's direct and unambiguous. It’s all about getting to the point and communicating the product's benefit in a way that will be promptly understood. This doesn't mean boring. I'm a great one for humour in advertising, so if there's a place for it, I'm all for it. I also like to produce advertising that's topical so as to stand a better chance of getting noticed. So much advertising these days is too bland, too vague or too clever by half. Nowadays, people don't have the time to try to make sense of an ad. If it's not quickly understood, it's money down the drain. (Which is a pity, because advertising is costly). Your advertising must work for you. Period.