Smart Media Technology’s New YOBSN Is The Bee’s Knees

YOBSN, short for Your Own Branded Social Network, will likely not mean much to you at this point as it was only released this week. But in time, it will get known, and most likely, sooner rather than later. The reason? It’s clever, and things that are clever invariably get talked about.

YOBSN is a default home page. But more than this, it’s a default home page that offers value.

Combining the three biggest aspects of the internet (advertising, social media and gaming), YOBSN provides the best of the internet on one page. With multiple search engines, more than 2000 educational videos, free software, free games and the most popular websites in the world, it has more than enough for any internet user.

Add to this the fact that the platform for the first time ever rewards internet users for doing what they normally do on the internet (be it spending time on You Tube, Facebook or LinkedIn, studying or playing games) and one can see why YOBSN could so very easily go viral. And quickly. After all, where have you ever heard of being rewarded for using the internet, and at no cost? The very idea is ludicrous, but now a reality.

(Rewards come in the form of physical products like cameras, ipods and laptops, by the way – making YOBSN the world’s first FREE loyalty program).

What’s in it for the advertiser though? Plenty. An advertiser can, through YOBSN, get his or her branding in front of free users of the platform whenever they log onto the internet. This is a world first. It’s also prime advertising property.

Putting this into perspective: you are on my database. I, as a marketer, send you a link offering you the opportunity to make YOBSN your default home page. I explain that it’s free. I show you how it can reward you for doing what you normally do on the internet. I tell you that you can now find everything you need on the internet on just one page. I also tell you that YOBSN is a totally secure platform and that there are no risks whatsoever to you installing the page. You agree to having YOBSN as your default home page. After all, it’s free. There is no cost to you whatsoever. Only benefits.

I, as the marketer, can now design my YOBSN in such a way that it appeals to you. I can get my branding in front of you whenever you go onto the internet. This may be ten times a day. It may be fifty times a day. Then, at the click of a button, I can change my messaging. Upload videos. Or blog my thoughts. Knowing that you will see them when you next log on.

It’s awesome stuff. And it would cost you a once-off payment of $400 to achieve this. In marketing terms, that’s a pittance. And affordable to even the smallest advertiser.

At the end of the day, YOBSN is a win-win for both free users and small businesses. Regardless of where in the world you are. The product is already being touted as the next facebook, although time will tell.

What I can tell you is that there is a LOT of excitement around Smart Media’s YOBSN right now, and this can only grow as awareness of the platform grows.

To be a free user of the YOBSN platform, go to or

Alternatively, visit

And for more information about the YOBSN opportunity for marketers, and the advertising packages available, go to

It’s interesting stuff and worth looking into if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner with a database and a small and limited marketing budget.

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