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Being on the Hypercommunity’s international Telegram group, it’s hard not to see how many members are excited by what we have in Hyperfund with positive and excited comments coming from people all around the world – the Americas, Europe, Australasia, Asia and Africa, and from countries like the Philipines, Bahamas, Italy, New Zealand, Nigeria, the UK and Malaysia to mention a few.

What I was interested in was what my fellow Southern Africans had – and have – to say about not just the Hypercommunity, but Hyperfund itself. Hence a whole lot of calling and whatsapping over the last week or two…..

Whilst the majority of the following comments and observations are from people in my Hyperfund downline, some are from folk I have not yet met or spoken with personally.

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced into the Hypercommunity over 6 months ago… thus far it has been delivering as expected and I’m super-excited for the next 6 months. I would highly recommend Hyperfund to others” Mike, Indonesia

“I have been involved with Hyperfund for 9 months and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The product delivers as per their mandate and I have increased, and continue to increase, my funds with them. It has certainly enriched my life and has changed the lives of my friends who chose to partake in this awesome platform.” Carl, Gauteng, South Africa

“I have been in Hyperfund for a year now and am very impressed and excited with the results so far. Best of all is that I don’t have to network, I can just compound my own money and experience amazing growth” – TP Cape Town

“Being in Hyperfund is hugely rewarding and a huge step above. It’s absolutely life-changing” Kyle, Limpopo

“I was desperate for a solution to my financial dilemma, no great source of income and certainly not enough to retire on. I was open-minded and after much research decided Hyperfund was my potential gateway to financial freedom. Eight months down the road and I was not wrong. Hyperfund has become my pension fund in 8 months!” Mark, Johannesburg

“Hyperfund is amazingly rewarding.” Morgan, KwaZulu Natal

“My father got me into the Hypercommunity and Hyperfund and I will be telling all my friends at university about it. I log in daily to see how many rewards I’ve accrued!” Levi, Stellenbosch

“I try to do proper research and due diligence before I participate in any platform. I joined Hyperfund about a year ago and found it to be extremely professional and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending it if asked” Neels, Gauteng.

“I’ve been a member since early 2020. Understanding the platform at first was difficult, but now that I have a better understanding, I’m excited to be in Hyperfund and in the Hypercommunity” Lewis, Johannesburg

“I have been in for almost nine months. The first 6 months, I was compounding my daily profits. I have been withdrawing the profits without problems every fortnight and am very happy”. Ricks, Johannesburg

“With Hyperfund, the sky is the limit. Discover the positive impact of wealth on your life” Herman, Gauteng

“I have been in Hyperfund for 9 months and have had a good experience so far. The business has lived up to its promises and their support team is friendly and helpful” Mauritz, Richards Bay

“Ever since making contact with Gerard through one of his blogs I read, I feel I can call him my friend, because he has never abandoned me in my journey of trying to gain a better understanding about the crypto world. Through him I have met so many solid crypto enthusiasts whom I was able to surround myself with, discover more opportunities and gain a wider understanding of an industry which I have come to love and believe so much in. I am truly grateful”. Rolf, Greytown

“The Hypercommunity has afforded my family and I an opportunity to dream again and actually see when and how our dreams are coming true. It came at a time when we were facing such a difficult time that it felt as though nothing could change our situation. Hyperfund afforded us to dust ourselves off after a major fall. We are part of a community that not only tells you about the opportunity, but we have so much support. We bought our first membership on the 25th December 2020-testing the waters. Through training and support from our uplines, we bought more memberships. We are growing everyday and we are definitely looking forward to the future. From pain to plenty!!” Sam and Patricia Phala

“I got into Hyperfund August 2020. I can withdraw cash as a supplement on a monthly basis or compound ( which I do). As Einstein said, ” compounding is the 8th wonder of the world” L.Marais.

“I’ve been with Hyperfund for close on a year and whilst I didn’t fully understand it in the beginning I am today embracing of the opportunity in all respects. It’s an excellent business and I am happy to be a part of it” Warwick, Thailand

“I’ve been a member for nearly a year now. It’s gifted me welcome returns on a daily basis and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others” Peter C-W, Cape Town

“Hyperfund is doing a really good job for me. I am glad I decided to work with you and look forward to a bright future” No name or location supplied.

“A brilliant business. And a brilliant business opportunity…” John (location not stated)

“Gerard, when you first told me about Hyperfund, I couldn’t make head or tail of it as you know. I just went with blind faith as I could see how excited you were about it. I am very pleased I joined. Thank you very much!!” Name withheld.

“For a crypto-related opportunity, the Hypercommunity and Hyperfund is seriously multi-dimensional. I like that. One is not reliant on just Bitcoin mining, for example..” John, Gauteng

“I like the sustainability of the community and I like the vision of the people behind it. I also like that the HyperTech Group works with Governments. Longevity is key for me, so I’m comfortable with where I’ve put my family’s money“ David, Gauteng

“My wife and I are hugely excited to be in Hyperfund and we have been rewarded handsomely for months already – without recruiting!!!” Leon, Mpumalanga

“The strategy we have in our Hyper team (of compounding and regularly withdrawing) is working so well, so it’s a definite thumbs up from us!” MM, KZN

“The support that we have as Hypercommunity members is very special and I like the fact that we have a South African Telegram group and also an international Telegram Group” Anonymous

“To be honest, I was a bit sceptical the first few months after joining but after making numerous withdrawals with no issues and getting all my capital back making me risk free, I am delighted to be in Hyperfund” Raymond (location not known).

“The way that we and our team work, which is to take out Bitcoin loans before funding our Hyperfund accounts, and then using those loaned funds to buy more packages on our bottom accounts, works wonders. I believe that everyone in Hyperfund should be doing this” Anonymous, Western Cape.

“Aside from a few technical issues (mostly in the registration process), everything keeps going well with Hyperfund. We are excited to be involved!” Pieter (location not known)

“Hugely rewarding is all we can say. Really, really pleased to be here!” Ashley.

“As a person in financial services, I am not permitted to sing the praises of crypto….but my wife can…and she loves Hyperfund and being a member of the Hypercommunity!” Name withheld, Johannesburg

“I battled to understand the concept of “rewards” at first, but the more webinars and training sessions I attend, the more I understand. So long as it pays me daily – which it does – I’m all good with the world” Thabo, Eastern Cape.

“I’ve been a member of the Hypercommunity for a few months now and have brought all my family members onboard. We are involved in a number of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin opportunities and platforms, but there is nothing like the Hypercommunity. It’s in a different league and we are excited!!” Liz, Gauteng

“Being an accounting type, I’m a numbers guy..and the numbers don’t lie. One could do really really well here” Anonymous

“We have had dealings with one of the companies comprising the Hypertech Group and they are solid. I joined the group’s Hypercommunity, reassured by our business experiences” Name not supplied

“Daily webinars, excellent training over weekends and top support do it for me and my team. We are more than comfortable being members of the community” Danie, Limpopo

“Anyone put off of Hyperfund by believing some of the stuff written about it on the internet is doing themselves a serious disservice. Our advice? Don’t believe everything you read!!!” Jay N, KZN.

“The difference between Hyperfund and other crypto platforms is that Hyperfund delivers while 95% of the others tend to disappear after being found to be nothing more than Ponzi schemes and scams. This is in our experience anyway. We have a growing number of people joining the Hypercommunity and everyone seems to be really, really happy” Danie, Mpumulanga, South Africa.

“The Hypercommunity stands for the advancement of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world and I am aligned and buy into this. I’m a believer” Thys, Tswane.

No doubt other comments will find their way into my email or whatsapp inbox over the next few days, but I’m sure that the above will send a clear message in the meantime ie that members of the Hypercommunity are happy being members – and that Hyperfund is delivering as is expected.

I am personally delighted to be a member of the Hypercommunity, as I have been for the last year or so and share the sentiment of one or two of the observations above…that Hyperfund IS a step above.

This is not to say of course that it is without risk. Crypto is of itself risky. So anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity and share in the rewards given daily must, must, must be aware of them.

The last blog article I wrote on Hyperfund spoke to this risk, and the need to minimise risk.

I am not licenced or permitted to give financial advice, but what I CAN do is share with members what I do and have done.

Am happy to engage further on whatsapp +27 83 444 9888 in this regard.

Aside from running South Africa’s smallest ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see – Gerard has been in the cryptocurrency space for almost 6 years and is an active member of the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity. He is resident in Johannesburg South Africa. He is contactable on +27 83 444 9888 and on or His skype address is gerardkavonic. Anyone wanting information on the Hypercommunity’s daily webinars or weekend training sessions is welcome to whatsapp him on +27 83 444 9888 and anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity can request a link via email or whatsapp. Anyone interested in a Bitcoin loan through Coinloan can open an account on Again, as with all things crypto, it is hugely important to do a thorough due diligence before parting with one’s money and to be aware of any and all risks inherent. It is also important to note that Gerard writes in his personal capacity as a member of the Hypercommunity and that his observations and or any facts stated herein should not be viewed as coming from, and do not bind, the Hypertech Group or the Hypercommunity in any way.

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