Thinking of joining the Hypercommunity and buying into Hyperfund? Because there are NO commissions…

It’s surely no surprise, but one of the first things looked at by network marketers (or anyone looking for an online business opportunity, for that matter) is the compensation plan and the commissions paid on “recruiting” and introducing new members so as to build a team.

So on looking into the Hypercommunity and Hyperfund opportunity, there is often a degree of consternation amongst those in the network marketing or affiliate marketing community, looking for the “next best thing”.

Why? Because there is no real “compensation plan” as such and there are no “commissions” paid.

So, where is the incentive to introduce others and build a team one might ask? And it would be a good question TO ask.

There are two parts to the answer.

The first is that any person joining the Hypercommunity and buying into its Hyperfund DOES NOT HAVE TO RECRUIT. It is absolutely not mandatory and entirely optional.

One can self-fund one’s entire Hyperfund structure – and still earn handsomely.

The second part of the answer?

The incentive attached to introducing others and building a team lies in something called “accelerated rewards”. The benefit of which being that they accelerate the rate at which you are repaid your initial capital.

Now, I am acutely aware that this may make ZERO sense to someone new to the Hypercommunity or hasn’t joined yet. Hence a quick explanation:

When you join the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity and buy a Hyperfund Global package, you are buying into a convertible bond that pays you back over a 600 day period. Payments are made into one’s back office in the form of “rewards” at between 0.5% and 1% per day. (0.5% a day if you are a “passive” investor and between 0.5% and 1% if you are an “active” investor and/or teambuilder). These are known as Hyperdrive rewards and each time a member has accrued 50HU in rewards, that member should “rebuy” – with each “rebuy” constituting a new $50 package that runs for a further 600 days.

By adopting this “rebuying” strategy, one ends up with a good number of $50 packages by the end of the first 600 days, with each NEW package running for another 600 days and rewarding you with a minimum of 0.5% of the $50, daily.

This is essentially how you earn big through Hyperfund. Not by earning commissions, but by ACCELERATING YOUR REWARDS.

And lest you think that “earning rewards” is in any way inferior to earning “commissions”, think again. Because there are potentially significant earnings to be had here.

Obviously, the faster you are able to accelerate your rewards, the less time you would need to wait between “rebuys” and the more package “rebuys” you’ll be able to do per month, per week or – if you’re climbing the ranks
(more about this in a bit), per DAY. (Already, there are many members doing multiple rebuys per day).

One can accelerate one’s rewards in two ways:

By putting together a multi-position strategy, which you can personally fund.

By introducing others, and encouraging them to duplicate your multi-position strategy.

As mentioned previously, “recruiting” others and building team is entirely optional.

If you are a network marketer and team builder, joining the Hypercommunity will really appeal to you as you will find yourself exceptionally well-rewarded.

But if you are NOT into building a team and are more comfortable “self-funding”, no problem at all. It then comes down to how much you are prepared to PERSONALLY “invest”. (I use the word “invest” only because it’s the easiest and most descriptive word to use, even though I’m not a financial advisor and not qualified to offer financial advice).

Those who have studied the Hyperfund model and understand how to benefit from it the most typically create a multi-position structure across a number of levels, putting most of their funds into their top and bottom accounts, and rebuying in the bottom account. But it all comes down to the amount allocated….

The minimum is $300, with the cost of the packages being $300, $500 and $1000. (Payment to be in the USDT ECR token).

What’s important is a structure that works for YOU and that accelerates YOUR Rewards, based on your budgeted allocation.

Depending on the team you join, you may find an existing member within that team who could help put a structure together for you.

The team that I’m a part of hosts weekly Wednesday zoom calls in which a considerable amount of time is allocated to structures, and the importance of putting the right structure in place from the get-go. Our next Zoom call presentation will likely only be in January, however….

The bottom line is that the HyperTech Group’s Hypercommunity serves both teambuilders and “self-investors”. And regardless of which “camp” one falls into, the rewards are decidedly handsome…especially if the recommended “rebuying” or “compounding” strategy is strictly adhered to.

I mentioned “climbing the ranks” earlier…

Within Hyperfund Global, there is a ranking program in which one can progress to EXPERT level, then PROFESSIONAL level, then V1 level (VIP1), then V2 level (VIP2) and all the way up to V5 level (VIP5). These ranks are determined by your team’s sales volume and the higher the rank, the higher one’s daily earnings. (These are over and above one’s Hyperdrive rewards and could be significant in time).

Having been a member of the Hypercommunity for nearly 6 months now, it’s very clear that what we have here is so much bigger than just another cryptocurrency platform and so much more than just another online business opportunity.

It’s an entire ecosystem, of which its Hyperfund is just a part.

It’s obviously an important part though, and undoubtedly the component that will attract many thousands of members to the Hypercommunity in the years ahead.

The fact that there are no “commissions” as such will not dissuade the network marketers out there. Once the business model of being “rewarded” is fully understood, and once it’s seen just how “rewarding” purchases of Hyperfund Global packages can be, the penny will drop for a great many people….

Hyperfund will be HUGE and I am beyond excited. Truly.

Anyone interested in joining the Hypercommunity and buying a Hyperfund Global package (one can buy as many as one wants) should of course do a thorough due diligence and be aware of any risks before doing so. As with everything in the crypto space, there will always be risk and before parting with your hard-earned monies (or Bitcoin), it’s important that ALL risks are thoroughly evaluated.

The following two websites and will provide a good overview of things, whilst you may find my own personal website worth visiting.

Aside from running South Africa’s smallest ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see – Gerard has been in the cryptocurrency space for a good 6 years and is an active member of the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity. He is not a financial advisor and does not purport to be. He is resident in Johannesburg South Africa and is contactable on +27 83 444 9888 and on or His skype address is gerardkavonic. Anyone wanting information on the Hypercommunity’s daily webinars or Saturday training sessions is welcome to whatsapp him on +27 83 444 9888 and anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity can do so on

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