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Even the best brands need a push now and then

Even the best brands need a push now & then

In the eyes of many, advertising on television is still first prize.

Advertising on TV is the way to go if you're looking to reach a wide and diverse audience - and have the budget available. Whilst not cheap, TV is flexible in its offerings and, in some cases, provides discounted packages to first time advertisers. It’s an in-the-face medium and as such, is suitable for both brand-building and moving product. Whilst one could go the conventional route of purchasing 30 second TV spots, one could - for example - also look at flighting infomercials, product-placement in locally-produced soaps or sponsoring a popular television series. Through my association with (for 3 years running) Media Agency of The Year in South Africa, we’re able to structure and negotiate on your behalf.

Over the years, I’ve worked on a number of commercials – some of which are shown here.

Houghton Harper
Houghton Harper
Bata North Star
Crime Stop

TV advertisements like those produced for Crime Stop and Houghton Harper can be produced in studio so as to keep the costs down. They’re suitable for first time advertisers who don’t have a meaningful budget to work with. For advertisers with more expansive budgets, I work with a top film production company whose work is out of the top drawer.

The bottom line is this: I can see to all your TV and cinema advertising requirements: from writing a script, to storyboarding the commercial, to casting, to overseeing production, to supplying advertising material, to purchasing air time. Effective TV advertising is dependent on two things: a good and memorable commercial. Flighted strategically.

It all starts with a concept, a script and a storyboard. Here are a few of my storyboards in the meantime.

30 second TV commercial

30second TV commercial animatedHR

20 second TV commercial

20second TV commercial animatedHR



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