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Branding a fleet of vehicles is not a new concept and goes back some way.

Branding a fleet of vehicles is not a new concep and goes back some way.

Absolutely, the way to go.

Whilst vehicle branding is hardly new, it remains effective. In fact more so than ever, when you consider that we spend more time in traffic than ever before. More people spending more time on the roads means more eyeballs seeing your advertising, resulting in vehicle branding being an important vehicle in the overall marketing mix. As with all advertising, the trick is to keep it simple and engaging. Too complicated and too cluttered is a turn-off. Impactful vehicle livery turns heads.

If your design can turn heads, what a win. (So long as a turned head doesn’t cause a smash, which – excuse the attempt at humour – could be a train smash). A clever headline, an arresting visual and a QR code to drive traffic to one’s website and you’re done. (Of course, you could add a telephone number if you really need to, although I’m not big on telephone numbers on vehicles. Unless it’s a seriously simple number – like 011 111 1111 or 083 333 3333 – who will ever remember it?

Here are some vehicles we’ve branded in the past.


Storage Genie
Storage Genie
Storage Genie

Storage Genie

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