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There’s no better feeling than being in the know, and being empowered

The purpose of an ad is to elicit a response. (Hopefully a positive response)

Good advertising costs the same as bad advertising. Why settle for the latter?

After 30 years in the ad industry, I’m an adman through and through and have a fair idea as to the type of advertising that works.

It’s all about putting oneself in the shoes of the people you intend targeting, and communicating the benefit of your product or service in a way that's understood, noticed and is bought into.

To be effective, your advertising needs to be eye-catching, single-minded, persuasive and have the right tonality. It needs to talk to its target market in its language, irrespective of the advertising medium; be it newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, billboard advertising, street pole advertising, TV advertising, cinema advertising, radio advertising – or any other form of advertising.

At the end of the day, I could help you with ANY advertising requirement, from advertising in washrooms to advertising in airports to advertising on taxis to advertising on buses to advertising in rugby and cricket stadiums to advertising on the sides of buildings to advertising in magazines to advertising in newspapers to advertising on vehicles to advertising on billboards to advertising on street pole posters to advertising on websites to, well, you get the picture....

Whichever the requirement, I'd be happy to be of service and to put my 30 years of experience to work. Call me. You'll find yourself in good hands.

In the meantime, you may want to click on the icons below to see some of the work I’ve produced in the past.

Assuming that you've seen my work (or some of it), you'll have a good idea of my writing and conceptual abilities. If I could bring these abilities to the party, I'd welcome it. Good advertising can achieve good things. I'd be delighted to be afforded an opportunity.