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The rationale? First impressions count.

If you’re going to be on the shelf, best to look your best.

Packaging design is often a determining factor in the purchasing decision. Most times, there are two things that sway your decision: the price of a product and the appearance of a product. If it appeals to the eye, and is affordable, it may well find its way into your shopping basket.

Of course, packaging’s important whatever the product-type and wherever it may be found - in one of the gazillion hyper’s in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg or in a oil-stained motor spares outlet in Middleburg. These days, packaging design is no longer the preserve of packaging design companies. Take me for example. I could help you. Irrespective of what type of packaging you’re after. I’m of the opinion that if you can design an ad, billboard, washroom poster or brochure, you can design a pack too. Packaging design companies will say there’s a difference. There’s something called “brand architecture” for example, which needs to be followed.

Here’s some of our packaging design work.


Shakes 1 Shakes 1 Shakes 1-3 Shakes 1-4


  CRUNCH carton 3D-01 CHOC carton 3D-01






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