The Hypertech Group’s Hyperfund. It’s compensation plan basically explained..

With the rapid growth in the number of people joining the HyperTech Group’s Hypercommunity comes a corresponding growth in the number of members not fully understanding the compensation plan….not that the term “compensation plan” is actually correct, as what we have here is more a case of being rewarded in the form of passive rewards and “hyperdrive” rewards (known as “accelerated” rewards).

Confused? Don’t be, as the explanation following will hopefully clear things up a bit…

When one joins the Hypercommunity as a member, one has the option of buying a Hyperfund Global package.

There are three packages to choose from, with the only difference between them, being the cost; 300HU, 500HU and 1000HU – with 1 HU equating to $1.

When you buy a package, it runs for 600 days with you receiving between 0.5% and 1% per day every day in the form of “rewards”.

These rewards can be found in your back office, and accumulate daily.

Once you have 50HU in rewards, you can “rebuy” by clicking the “Hyperdrive membership (rebuy) 50HU” button on the home screen of your Hyperfund app. Each time you do a “rebuy”, you are essentially buying another package – without paying a cent more.

This new package then also runs for 600 days, rewarding you with ANOTHER 0.5% per day. (This 0.5% equates to either $1.50, $2.50 or $5 being 0.5% of the cost of the package you initially bought)

By adopting this “rebuying” strategy, you will – or could – end up with a sizeable number of packages by the end of the first 600 days. So, to break this down so it’s easily understood, you start with one package (or more than one package – your choice!) and after 600 days, end up with a larger number of packages each rewarding you with passive daily rewards.

Which begs the question: what can you do with these rewards?

The answer? Withdraw them, and exchange them into the coin of your choice – be it a stable coin like USDT (Tether), a utility coin like Bitcoin – or any other of the options provided. Once you have eg Bitcoin, you can exchange it into rands (if you are in South Africa) or the currency of your country and deposit it into your bank account. Unless of course, you believe that the Bitcoin price will go up and you elect to HODL your Bitcoin…

The above repurchasing strategy applies whether you are a “passive” member of the Hypercommunity and have bought into Hyperfund, or an “active” member who has bought into Hyperfund…

Whereas the “passive” member will buy a Hyperfund Global package and typically do nothing further (other than rebuy), the “active” member will look at building a Hyperfund Global business by: a) buying a package (or multiple packages) and b) introducing others who then follow his or her steps.

Whilst building a Hyperfund business is entirely optional, it’s the option chosen by a growing number of Hypercommunity members simply because it opens the door to “accelerated rewards” – which could be extremely lucrative in time.

By introducing others and building a team, you end up “accelerating” your own rewards with the result that instead of waiting for, say, weeks to be able to “rebuy” a package, you may only have to wait days. And obviously, the shorter the waiting period between rebuys, the more packages you will be able to accrue over the course of the 600 day period. (Teambuilders will find that the larger their team becomes, the shorter will be the waiting period between package repurchases)

The following video is well worth watching:

Even though the Hypercommunity is still very much in its infancy (it’s only been going for a year or so), there are many members around the world who are already rebuying daily – with numerous members who are doing between 4 and 10 rebuys daily.

Obviously the more packages one has, the more one earns.

As an example: a member rebuying upwards of 4 times daily will end up with more than 2000 packages after the completion of the 600 days.
If one assumes a minimum daily reward of $1.50 per day, the potential earnings could be potentially significant.

I say “potentially” because it depends on two factors:

Rebuying each and every day over the course of the 600 days
Making no withdrawals over the course of the 600 days

Now, it must be stated that there are not many people who can sustain themselves financially for 600 days without making withdrawals from time to time, so the above example – and yes, it must be viewed PURELY as an example – is certainly no guarantee of projected earnings. That said, it illustrates what one COULD earn – POTENTIALLY – by aggressively building a Hyperfund business.

To repeat though – joining the Hypercommunity with the intention of recruiting and building a team is a life choice, and there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

If you are not a network marketing type, and not into referral marketing or affiliate marketing, it’s all good. There is nothing wrong in just buying a package (or number of packages) and rebuying whenever your rewards amount to the 50HU minimum.

If you are a network marketer however and see the benefits inherent in team building, know that – besides receiving your own daily rewards – you’ll receive daily rewards from every member of your team (whether you personally brought them into your business or not).

From those on your first level you will accrue 20% of their daily earnings (rewards); from those on your second level, 15%; from those on your third level, 10%; from those on your 4th, 5th and 6th levels, 5%; from those on your 7th, 8th and 9th levels, 2%: and from those on levels lower than these, 1%.

This is well explained in the evening Zoom call presentations, and anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity would do well to join one of these calls! They are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening and anyone interested in the schedule of presentations and Training sessions is welcome to whatsapp me on +27 83 444 9888). The Zoom calls do a really good job explaining the entire Hypercommunity ecosystem and business opportunity so those joining with the intention of building a team will gain a good understanding of additional revenue streams like the VIP Rewards and Global rewards, which are both hugely rewarding and based on members achieving certain goals and ranks.

(For those not familiar with the Hypercommunity: it’s essentially the ecosystem of the HyperTech Group, comprising CollinStar Capital, Blockchain Global, Digital X and HCash: four companies committed to putting its members’ digital assets to work to generate daily rewards. The goal of the community is to advance Blockchain technology globally and provide its members the opportunity to achieve lasting financial freedom. The following two websites and provide a good overview, whilst my own personal website might be worth visiting).

In the meantime, here a few salient Questions and Answers taken out of one my previous blog articles in the hope that they add to your understanding of the revenue streams and rewards structure…

How can one see a return of 15% per month?

Hypercommunity members owning a HyperFund Global package – or packages – receive daily rewards of 0.5% per day, regardless of the package(s) bought. A month of 30 days at 0.5% per day equates to 15% per month.

Is the 0.5% per day guaranteed?

Yes. You will see the reward added daily in your back office.

Is it possible to earn more than 15% per month?

It is more than possible, yes. By diligently following a compounding (rebuying) strategy, and adopting a certain placement strategy.

Are the rewards given for life?

Each time you receive a 0.5% daily reward, the cost of the package you purchased reduces by the amount paid to you. Payments are made until you have fully recovered your initial cost of purchase. By adopting a “re-buy” or “re-purchase” strategy, you will also receive rewards on your additional packages and thus, receive daily rewards on multiple packages for the duration of these packages.

So, my outlay for my initial package is not recoverable?

The cost of your initial package is given back to you by way of daily rewards over the duration of the package period.

Can I pay for a Hyperfund Global package using Bitcoin?

No, all packages must be paid in USD Tether (ECR 20 token).

If I don’t have USD Tether, where can I buy it?

You can use Bitcoin to buy USD Tether on a number of platforms, of which Simpleswap is one.

What if I have no Bitcoin, or have not bought Bitcoin before?

You’d need to open an account on an exchange. If you’re in South Africa, the most popular and trusted exchanges are Luno (, AltcoinTrader ( or VALR (
On creating an account, you’ll be given your own unique Bitcoin wallet. Once you’ve uploaded the necessary documents to have your account verified, you can fund your account with your local currency and with it, purchase Bitcoin. It’s a relatively simple and straightforward process.

The least expensive Hyperfund Global package?

The 300hu package, costing US$300.

The most expensive package?

The 1000hu package, costing US$1 000.

Is there a limit as to the number of packages I can buy?

No, there is no limit.

Is there a time limit between registering an account and funding an account?

No, there is no time limit. Fund your account whenever you are ready to do so.

Why is it important to keep “re-buying” packages?

The strategy of rebuying whenever you attain 50hu in rewards ensures that you continue to benefit to the maximum. The aim is to accumulate as many packages as you can. The more packages you own, the more money you’ll make over time.

How easy is to “rebuy” a package?

It’s an exercise in simplicity and involves nothing more than clicking the “Re-buy” tab in your back office. (You will find this by scrolling to the bottom of the home screen of the Hyperfund app).

If I am not introducing others and building a team, do I still need to rebuy packages?

Yes, it makes sense to do so.

If I introduce others who buy packages, do I receive commissions?

There are no “commissions” paid as such. The packages your team members purchase benefit you in terms of accelerated rewards, allowing you to rebuy quicker. By introducing others, you are in essence helping accelerate your rewards.

I hope that this article helps – even if it gives just a basic overview of the Hyperfund rewards program and how it works. (Anyone looking for a higher level explanation of things and methodologies to max out the “compensation plan” should aim to attend a workshop or one of our Wednesday morning (South African time) Zoom calls.

That said, anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity and purchase a Hyperfund Global package MUST do their own due diligence. It goes without saying that there is risk with everything, and especially in the cryptocurrency space, which should always be considered high risk.

Aside from running South Africa’s smallest ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see – Gerard has been in the cryptocurrency space for almost 6 years and is an active member of the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity. He is resident in Johannesburg South Africa. He is contactable on +27 83 444 9888 and on or His skype address is gerardkavonic. Anyone wanting information on the Hypercommunity’s daily webinars or Saturday training sessions is welcome to whatsapp him on +27 83 444 9888 and anyone looking to join the Hypercommunity can do so on

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