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“Literally” because I’m the only one here. (Although I do have a team working with me on an ad hoc basis). I’m small, a one-man-operation. Quite frankly, I’d have it no other way. During my 29 years in the industry, I’ve worked in a number of top agencies and scooped my share of awards. (I’ve also lectured in copywriting). I’m a person who EATS, DRINKS and BREATHES advertising.

AdvertisingAdvertising that's well Kavonicked and finely HonedAdvertising

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Today, too much advertising is just slapped together. Given to juniors with deadlines to meet. Or to burnt out admen too disinterested to care. I like to craft my work. HONE it. Only when it’s good enough for me is it good enough to present. The ads you see here are newspaper or magazine ads, but the thought and care that I put into my print work is the same that I put into all my work.

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Whilst I'm a COPYWRITER, CONCEPTUALISER OF ADVERTISING IDEAS and CO-ORDINATOR OF MARKETING PROJECTS, I’m also a marketing consultant of sorts. I can advise you as to what you could, and should, be doing on the advertising front.

Advertising Services Offered Advertising

I can help you with any requirement - logo design and corporate identity design; copywriting; magazine advertisingnewspaper advertising; street pole advertising; billboard advertising; TV advertising; radio advertising; cinema advertising; websites; packaging design; vehicle branding; brochures, and more.

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You’ll find me easily contactable. On +27 11 728 5234 or 083 444 9888. My email address is if you’d prefer to mail me. Either way, I'll get back to you if not today then YESTERDAY.